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For the globally glamorous woman on the move. Inspired by travel, the collection is perfect for the woman who uses her passport.
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The stylish everyday label for everybody. From baby to belle, we've got you covered. Affordable closet Classics, sure to become your favorite fashion staples.

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A design driven smart bag.

Offering all the must have tech features, GPS Tracking and Cell Phone Charging, without compromising style.

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10 Affordable Wearable Techs

10 Affordable Wearable Techs

When technology speaks, everyone listens. This truly fits the world of today, where technology has completely ruled us. And, now it even comes in wearable that gives you the power to record and manage every bit of the day. Fitness-tracking wristbands or virtual reality headsets, one can see the web of technology increasing with each passing day. But, the trick is discovering the affordable wearable tech amidst all sorts of advanced gadgets that are hitting the market. So, let’s see what affordable wearable techs are here to rule the market.
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  Everything in invention is changing into keen contraptions, and wearable technology devices are the complete most prominent. These more intel...
Wearable Tech

Prospects Of Wearable Technology

Ever wondered that our mobile cellphones might become earrings that serve the goal of a telephone receiver along with a neck piece used as a speaker? Technology, a very dynamic field is shifting because of the voracious demand to constantly stay connected.

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A Mogul In The Making, Jamaican born Stephanie McLean, wants you to be consciously & globally Glamorous.

Cacique Magazine, U.K.

Stephanie McLean's Smart Travel Bag Heralds a New Line of High-Tech Wearable Accessories.

Digital Journal, US

A globetrotting female founder.

The Huffington Post, US